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Why Women With Fibroids are More Likely to Have a C-Section

If you’re on the path to delivering your child, chances are you’re actively discussing whether or not to have a vaginal or cesarian delivery. For some, the choice is simple. However, if you’re one of the nearly 30 percent of women that experience fibroids by age 35, your decision becomes a bit more difficult. Fibroids may lead to complications with a vaginal delivery, often forcing women to have a c-section, but why is that exactly?

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Discover the Truth about Epidurals in Columbia, South Carolina

Are you considering an epidural? More than 60 percent of women in America choose to get epidurals however, there are still a lot of misconceptions about the procedure. Here are just a few of the myths surrounding epidurals: Continue reading “Discover the Truth about Epidurals in Columbia, South Carolina”

Planning a pregnancy

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So you and your spouse or partner have decided that it€™s time to have a baby. That€™s exciting and maybe a little bit unnerving. Before you get wrapped up in the idea, there are several things to consider and the first is a visit to your doctor. A visit to your doctor allows you to make sure that you€™re as healthy as possible prior to conceiving and the preconception visit will allow you to be tested for certain medical conditions that might affect your pregnancy and your baby.

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