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5 Stars

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5 Stars

Had a Great experience , when I first learned of my situation that was going on with me and my Gyn said he wasn't doing, surgeries anymore.So, therefore, I was in search of a Great Doctor, I searched the Internet and came across Dr, Odom who had 5 stars and great reviews. I called his office and spoke with the receptionist, Jackie, who was very friendly and courteous, actually, the whole staff is. I was very impressed when I got a, call back later that day from Dr. Odom himself. Too make a long story short. Dr.Odom is very Informative, and caring ,he listens to his patients. I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy bilateral oophrectomy , vaginally. In June, I'm only 3 weeks postop, but I'm feeling good. Taking it slowly though! Thanks Dr. Odom! And his staff. Thanks to the Staff and Nurses at Prism Parkridge Hospital, I received Great Care!
5 Stars

There are doctors and there are doctors. Dr Odom was my fifth opinion, some gynecologist had written my case off while some said a hysterectomy was my option but Dr Odom was an exception, he examined me, went through my ultra sound MRI and together we decided that an open myomectomy was going to be better. He took out multiple fibroids, surgery was successful. He is genuinely kind caring and personable. His bed side manner is impeccable and he has a great team. I felt so safe and at peace with him.

5 Stars

I am three weeks post-surgery. I had sixteen fibroids removed through abdominal myomectomy with no any complication. Dr Odom and his team were not only safe, the aftercare I received was amazing . I feel so strong and every day just gets better.

5 Stars

There are doctors and there are doctors. Prior to meeting with Dr Odom Jr , I had consulted with four doctors, One of the doctors had tried to convince me to do UFE but after having researched on it, for me, the disadvantage outweighed the advantages. Two of the other doctors said my option was a hysterectomy and the fourth refused to take me on. A hysterectomy was just unacceptable to me. So Dr Odom became my fifth opinion. On my first appointment with the doctor, I felt so much peace within me, I showed him my ultrasound and gave him a copy of my MRI scan , he went through my ultrasound ,made some notes and examined me. Afterwards, he said I had two options to remove the fibroid, either through a Laparoscopic or through Laparotomy/ open myomectomy but we will come to a conclusion after going through the MRI scan.

Days later, he got back to me and explained that an open myomectomy will be possible and better because I had many fibroids and they were in different location. It wasn’t difficult for me to make up my mind to have the surgery( abdominal) because, as I said earlier on, I felt so much peace with him. I saw a doctor that was genuinely caring, kind and very confident of the approach he was going to take.

On the day of the surgery I met with his team, the anesthesiologist the nurses and they were all amazing . Dr Odom removed sixteen fibroids without any complication. His bedside manner is impeccable, answering all my numerous questions with so much patience and smiles. The hardest time of the surgery for me was the day of the surgery and the day after the surgery. I never took the Percocet that was prescribed because the pain level kept reducing so I just kept on with the 800mg Ibuprofen for like five days and by the sixth day. I felt like someone that had the strength of a horse and could literally drive but had to obey the instruction of the doctor, no driving for two weeks.

I am three weeks post-surgery and every day just gets better than the previous. I am so grateful to God for leading me to Dr Odom and his team, because they did an excellent job. My advice to any lady out there with the same problem , If you meet a doctor and he shows you any form of doubt or you have doubt within you, just move to the next doctor. It’s very important, your mind, your spirit, totally accept the doctor you want to allow operate on you.

5 Stars

Dr. Odom was so pleasant throughout the entire process for my surery