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Dr. Albert Odom and his team provides women in Columbia personalized gynecologic services in a safe and efficient manner. Dr. Odom and his team strive to make each patient’s experience a model of quality and effective care through advanced treatment and support. Our office is easily accessible and conveniently located in downtown Columbia, South Carolina.

Patients of our Dr. Odom have the benefits of modern procedures and practices such as minimally invasive gynecologic surgery which has benefits such as less pain and faster recovery times. So whether you are looking to have your annual exam or wish to discuss abnormal symptoms, Dr. Odom and his team will get you the assistance you need.

On the leading edge of delivering modern medical care with a high value.

Dr. Odom, a practicing gynecologist in Columbia since 1987, is active in local organizations and is a past president of the Columbia Medical Society. His special interests include using the da Vinci Surgical System for minimally invasive gynecological surgery including being the first GYN surgeon in Columbia to offer single-site surgery. He has also instructed other South Carolina gynecologists in its use. His laparoscopic surgeries are usually performed in an outpatient setting so that patients usually go home the same day of surgery.

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